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PRESS RELEASE - Aaron Miller Candidacy

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Joe Meyer - 507-459-1353

Rochester, MN – Today, Aaron Miller announced the start of his candidacy for Minnesota’s First Congressional District seat. Joined by family and supporters at the Soldiers Field Memorial in Rochester, he outlined his reasons for running and why a change is needed in Congress.

“As a husband, father, and veteran, I know America can do better,“ said Mr. Miller. “We have a Congress that does not live by its own laws, is unable to pass balanced budgets, and votes against what working Americans want. It’s time for a change in how Washington does business.”

“I’m not a career politician and I don’t plan to spend the remainder of my life in Washington D.C.,” added Mr. Miller. “When I’m in Congress, I will work to pass real reform and get government working for us, not having us work to just pay for government.”

Aaron and his wife Jennifer live in Byron, MN where they are raising two daughters, Abigail and Emily. Aaron is an Account Manager with over 15 years of experience in healthcare. Aaron received his B.A. from North Dakota University. Aaron serves as a Command Sergeant Major in the Army Reserves and has been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and East Africa.

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